Fossils hold the secrets of our lost past. Witness the pages of our distant history through the rare and wonderful experience of collecting Florissant Fossils. The Florissant, Colorado area was once a lake surrounded by woody vines, shrubs and trees. Many of the trees were giant Sequoia similar to Califorina redwoods. Because it was warm temperate region, the area was rich with vegetation. Explosive eruptions by volcanoes repeatedly showered volcanic dust and pumice on the lake.
Florissant Fossils date back from the late Eocene epoch, 35 million years ago. Each volcanic eruption formed a cloud of dust and ash which settled on the lake. As this process took place small animals, fishes, insects, and plants would be trapped under the weight of the ash and sent to watery grave at the bottom of the lake. Each layer of shale represents one eruption. Eventually the lake was filled, climatic changes took place and this is what we see today...
Our Summer hours are 10-4 daily and by appointment. On sight collecting, groups,schools and individuals. We also supply museums, schools, gift shops, and collectors.

The Florissant Fossil Quarry has been in the Clare family for over 50 years. Specimens found at this location are on dispay in the National and International museums including:

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science Denver, CO.

The Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Florissant, CO.